Apache Mesos Clusters – Part 2

Building Mesosphere & Apache Mesos into BDE: After playing with Mesosphere in AWS for the week, getting familiar with the packages and the deployment process, the real work has begun — getting the Mesosphere stack (Apache Mesos, Apache Zookeeper,  Mesosphere Marathon, Chronos and HAProxy) deployed through VMware Big Data Extensions. Fortunately, BDE v2.1 has some example JSON cluster definition files that […]

Apache Mesos Clusters – Part 1

I watched a webinar today from Ken Sipe (@kensipe) from Mesosphere on Mesos, Marathon and Chronos. The topics covered included how Mesos works, configuring and standup of a Mesos cluster in various public cloud offerings. If you are unfamiliar with Mesos, I would direct you to Mesosphere and the Apache Mesos Project. The basic explanation of from the Apache Mesos Project […]

Quick and dirty PowerCLI cmdlets

I am preparing for my VCAP-DCA exam and having to automate more and more of my daily tasks within our VMware environment at work — as a result, I am using PowerCLI constantly. As I result, I thought I would share a couple quick and dirty little scripts that I have had to use lately. Mileage will vary, but they’ve proven […]

Virtualized Hadoop + Isilon HDFS Benchmark Testing

During the VMworld EMEA presentation (Tuesday October 14, 2014) , the question around performance was asked again with regards to using Isilon as the data warehouse layer and what positives and negatives are associated with leveraging Isilon as that HDFS layer. As with any benchmark or performance testing, results will vary based on the data set you have, the hardware you […]