2015 Year-End Review for Virtual Elephant

2015 Goals & Accomplishments The year was one of the very best in recent memory across many aspects of my life — it also saw some of the biggest changes! When 2015 began I set out to accomplish several goals both personally and professionally, nearly all of which were realized in a much shorter time period than expected. The biggest goal, […]

VMware BDE Template Snapshot

The VMware BDE template uses a snapshot to perform the cloning operation as it deploys a cluster. The ability to create a cloned VM from a snapshot is exposed in the vSphere API with the CloneVM_Task. As part of regular template maintenance, I run a yum update command to make sure the OS gets regular updates and security patches. It helps […]

Flocker Data Volumes for Docker in VMware vSphere

At VMworld 2015 in San Francisco, support for Flocker data volumes inside a VMware vSphere environment was announced. The announcement was one of the items I was most excited about hearing during the conference. The challenge of data persistence when Dockerizing workloads is prevalent in many organizations today. There are a few projects like Flocker and Rexray from EMC {Code} […]

Deploying a VMware NSX Controller through the API

The current iteration of my home lab includes three Intel NUC DCCP847DYE systems, each with a single dual-core CPU and 16GB of RAM. As I started to venture down the path of introducing VMware NSX into the lab, the limitations of these systems when deploying a cluster of NSX controllers became apparent. The default size that NSX Manager uses for an […]

Docker Minecraft Containers to the Rescue!

My 11-year old son has been after me to get a Minecraft server setup locally that he could connect to and play off of any of the computers in the house. Fortunately for him, my home lab environment is running a few different Docker container hosts, and I figured loading up a couple servers via Docker would be the simplest […]