Upcoming VMware Beta Program

VMware has an upcoming private beta that is open to the public. The vSphere Beta program is targeting users of vSphere 5.5 and 6.0 in any part of their environment. The beta will provide members an opportunity to provide feedback directly to VMware and define the direction products take going forward. I participated in the beta program before joining VMware […]

Configure Log Insight Agent on Big Data Extensions

  Let’s be honest, debugging error messages generated by VMware Big Data Extensions (BDE) can be painstaking, tedious and tiresome. Having recently begun to rely on VMware Log Insight more and more, I determined the deployment of BDE v2.3.1 would leverage the Log Insight agent. During the actual vApp deployment of BDE, you may have noticed an option to specify […]

VMware Big Data Extensions v2.3.1 Released!

  Version 2.3.1 of VMware Big Data Extensions was released on March 29, 2016. The latest version includes the fix for the glibc vulnerability disclosed in February. The current branch saw many new features included back in December when v2.3 was released, including an updated CentOS 6.7 template and support for multiple VM templates within the BDE vApp. The full release notes […]

VMware Virtual SAN Hyper-converged Calculator

I have been heavily involved in designing our next-generation, large-scale hyper-converged (HCI) private cloud architecture at work the past couple of months. As part of that design, we needed a way to easily calculate resources available and cluster sizes using VMware Virtual SAN. When determining the resources available and the effects of the new Virtual SAN 6.2 features, the calculations […]