Infrastructure-as-Code: Ansible for VMware NSX

As the project moves into the next phase, Ansible is beginning to be relied upon for the deployment of the individual components that will define the environment.┬áThis installment of the series is going to cover the use of Ansible with VMware NSX. VMware has provided a set of Ansible modules for integrating with NSX on GitHub. The modules easily allow […]

Infrastructure-as-Code: Getting started with Ansible

The series so far has covered the high level design of the project, how to bootstrap CoreOS and understanding how Ignition works to configure a CoreOS node. The next stage of the project will begin to leverage Ansible to fully automate and orchestrate the instantiation of the environment. Ansible will initially be used to deploy the blank VMs and gather […]

Infrastructure-as-Code: Understanding CoreOS Ignition

The previous post introduced the Ignition file that is being used to configure the CoreOS nodes that will eventually be used for running Kubernetes. The Ignition file is a JSON formatted flat-file that needs to include certain information and is particularly sensitive when improperly written. In an effort to help users of Ignition, the CoreOS team have provided a Config […]

Infrastructure-as-Code: Bootstrap CoreOS with Ignition

The first post in the series went over the design goals and the logical diagram of the Kubernetes environment. This post will include the necessary steps to PXEBOOT a CoreOS node, install the VMware Tools included version of CoreOS and perform an initial configuration of the CoreOS node with Ignition. After determining what the Infrastructure-as-Code project would be working to […]

Infrastructure-as-Code: Project Overview

In an effort to get caught-up with the Cloud Native space, I am embarking on an effort to build a completely dynamic Kubernetes environment entirely through code. To accomplish this, I am using (and learning) several technologies, including: Container OS (CoreOS) for the Kubernetes nodes. Ignition for configuring CoreOS. Ansible for automation and orchestration. Kubernetes VMware NSX for micro-segmention, load […]