Blogtober 2018!


The last time I did this, it was 30-in-30 during November as part of the #vExpert community. Seems like that is no longer a thing, and has been replaced by #BLOGTOBER. The goal this month is to push out 31 blog posts in 31 days.

Can I count this one?

Upcoming content will continue to be focused on Ansible, in addition to vSAN, VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), VMware Validated Designs (VVD). There will also be a few non-technology related posts, but I’ll work hard to not have too much ‘filler’ content. I am looking forward to pushing myself to deliver this much new content in such a short period of time, while maintaining all of the other things I am juggling in my life.

The first official post should be online later on today!

Update: I really hate WordPress some days. It appears a recent update went ahead and wiped out all of my drafts that I had lined up for the upcoming month. As a result, the first official post just went live a few short minutes ago (Tuesday Oct 2, 2018).