VCDX Quick Hit: Understanding SLA Inter-dependencies

One key attribute of a cloud/infrastructure/enterprise architect is our ability to fully understand a customers requirements as it relates to Service Level Objectives (SLO) and Agreements (SLA). When embarking on a new architecture, understanding where the environment exists within the layers of the service offering and it’s criticality to other services built on it is critical. As you (the architect) […]

Ansible Control Server Docker Container

I have continued to maintain the virtualelephant/ubuntu-ansible Docker container for my personal use since 2018. The container has been updated to recently and will continue to be maintained as I operate in the infrastructure-as-code model for the personal projects associated with the site. As I’ve stated before, the container is not what I would call lightweight. It is intended to be […]

VCDX Quick Hit: Understanding the RTO Target

Everyone knows what an RTO is right? When I ask this question during the VCDX Workshops, I inevitability get an answer along the lines of “Recovery Time Objective is how long it takes to recover an environment.” From a definition perspective, this is true — however, as with many concepts, especially as they relate to the VCDX certification, I believe […]

VCDX Quick Hit: Design Decision Template

While working on the VMware Private Cloud Architecture team, we were regularly making architectural design changes to the many environments we were responsible for. As part of the design decision process, we implemented an Architecture Review Board (ARB) and a Design Decision Process, including a Design Decision Template. Since leaving the Private Cloud team and joining the Advanced Customer Engagement […]