State of Affairs

The past 6 months have been crazy, with the COVID-19 pandemic, various local lock-downs, not traveling for work, and returning to school all causing major adjustments to our everyday lives. As a result, most of my ambitious plans and goals for 2020 have been sidelined, delayed or outright derailed as a result. Nevertheless, I have been able to find some time to continue forward and this past week saw the completion of one of my 2020 goals — achieving the Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification.

Fortunately, my efforts to refresh my home lab happened right before all of the lock-downs occurred and I was able to have a rather stable environment for installing, testing, and playing with various types of Open Source Kubernetes clusters throughout the summer months. Unfortunately, my Synology DS1515+ array decided to quietly go offline and die two nights before I was originally scheduled to take the CKA exam. Due to a happy coincidence, there was a problem with my exam scheduling and it was delayed four extra days, so I was able to leverage several AWS EC2 instances to get a Kubernetes cluster installed and working to finish studying and running practice exercises.

I have subsequently upgraded the home lab with a new Synology DS1618+. I was able to migrate the existing Western Digital drives, so total storage remains the same as before. However, I did augment the new array by upgrading the RAM to 16Gb and a Synology M2D18 M.2 PCIe card with dual WD Blue 500Gb M2 cards for cache. Overall the performance of the new array is significantly improved.

Now that the CKA certification is completed, I will be moving on to focusing my efforts on the VMware Tanzu portfolio and its complimentary components. There is a lot for me to continue to learn in this space, and being able to draw on the experience I’ve gained in the last six months should be of great benefit to me. I am excited to get started and begin working on reference architectures for running Kubernetes at the Edge with TKG. Look for some exciting content coming soon!

In addition to Kubernetes and TKG, I have also been spending a fair bit of time in the traditional IaaS private cloud space and working through challenges many companies are facing with modernizing their BCDR plans and capabilities. Alongside the recent VMware acquisition of Datrium, I have been looking into their DRaaS offering and it truly accelerates a private cloud based on the VMware SDDC to be able to modernize environments. Check out my YouTube video showing off some of the current Datrium DRaaS capabilities.

I hope all of you are safe and in good health.