Preparing for the VCAP-DCA exam

I have begun my preparations for taking (and passing) the VCAP-DCA exam during the first quarter of 2015. I consider myself fortunate to work in an environment where there is hardware that I can utilize as a lab environment. However, looking at the blueprint for the VCAP-DCA test, I realized there are bits there that would be more difficult to test in that environment. As such, I started looking for a low-cost solution for creating a home lab to play with iSCSI, VMware Replication and other topics covered in the exam. After doing research on the internet, I decided to focus on the Intel NUC platform as the basis for the lab systems.

I posted to Twitter earlier in the week and I was able to get several good pieces of advice for where to look for understanding how to run ESXi on the Intel NUC platform. The best articles I read were written by @virten at He has tested several of the Intel NUC generations and individual platforms.

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