VMware Integrated OpenStack vs vCloud Director

If you have not already noticed, a lot of my work these days is in the OpenStack space, specifically using VMware Integrated OpenStack. As often happens when working on a new technology or service offering, I get the question Is OpenStack going to replace VMware vCloud Director as my primary cloud management platform (CMP)? I remember during TAM-day at VMworld […]

Collecting VMware Integrated OpenStack Logs

From time to time it is necessary to escalate an issue to the VMware GSS team. Oftentimes they will ask for a support bundle to gather all of the relevant logs for a product in order to perform troubleshooting steps. VMware Integrated OpenStack provides a method for gathering these logs in an easy manner and VMware has published a KB […]

Multi-tenant OpenStack with NSX – Part 2

The post yesterday discussed a method for having segmented multi-tenant networks inside of OpenStack. As a series of test cases were worked through with a setup of this nature, a large gaping hole in OpenStack came into view. What does the previously described multiple external networks look like inside OpenStack? In the second and third screenshots, you can see the […]

Multi-tenant OpenStack with NSX – Part 1

I have been working on an OpenStack architecture design using VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) for the past several months. The design itself is being developed for an internal cloud service offer and is the design¬†for my VCDX certification pursuit in 2017. As the design has gone through the Proof-of-Concept and later the Pilot phases, determining how to offer a multi-tenant/personal […]

VMware Integrated OpenStack – Collapse Compute & Edge Clusters

VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) introduced the ability to deploy to multiple vCenter Servers with version 2.5. The feature allowed the OpenStack management VMs to be deployed inside a control plane vCenter, while allowing the data plane to use a separate vCenter server. The architecture model still required three clusters: Management Cluster (Management vCenter Server) Compute Cluster(s) (Workload vCenter Server) Edge […]

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