Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam Study Guide

Note: This is an unofficial study guide created based on my personal studying of various course materials, official documentation, and use of Kubernetes in my home lab SDDC environment. This guide is in no way endorsed by, or affiliated with the CNCF.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has developed a Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam and publishes a blueprint on GitHub. As I am currently studying for the exam, I wanted to detail each section and fill-in key pieces of information as I work through the blueprint.

This study guide is being written based on the v1.17 curriculum guide available on the CNCF GitHub page. The curriculum is currently broken down into the following sections:

I am currently leveraging several online materials for building my study guide, including:

These pages will be a work-in-progress while I study for the exam and updated as I go through each set of course materials. Feel free to leverage these pages as you study for the CKA certification in whatever manner you prefer.