CKA Study Guide – Installation, Configuration & Validation

Design a Kubernetes Cluster

  • Cloud Offerings
    • IaaS – Virtual Machines for installing Kubernetes
    • PaaS – Managed Service from a public cloud provider
  • On-Premises
    • Bare Metal
    • Virtual Machines

Design Considerations

  • Cluster Networking – Are we going to use an overlay or rely on networking team for all L2/L3 connectivity between the cluster components?
  • Scalability – How large does our Kubernetes need to be? How many nodes will it have and how will it be scaled up when necessary?
  • High Availability – How many Master nodes will exist? How is the cluster store (etcd) replicated across the Master nodes in a production Kubernetes cluster?
  • Disaster Recovery – What needs to be backed up, how will nodes failover to a secondary site, etc.?

Install Kubernetes Masters and Nodes

Configure Secure Cluster Communications

Configure a HA Kubernetes Cluster

Where to get Kubernetes Release Binaries

Provision Underlying Infrastructure

Choose a Network Solution

Choose your Kubernetes Infrastructure Configuration

Run End-to-End Cluster Tests

Install & use kubeadm to Install, Configure and Manage Kubernetes Clusters

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