Apache Kafka Installation Guide in vSphere Big Data Extensions


Let me start off by saying that adding Apache Kafka into the framework of VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions (BDE) has been the most challenging of them all. Not from a framework perspective, but from a Chef cookbook and configuration one. There were a few resources for me to rely on for the overall configuration of Kafka, however many of them had contradicting statements within them. It took a good 8 solid hours of testing and re-testing the recipes before I was able to get a working multi-node Kafka cluster online.

All that being said, it was important for me to get a standardized method for deploying Apache Kafka clusters within the BDE framework. I am aware of several teams that are manually configuring Kafka within an environment today, each with their own insights on how that should be accomplished and few of them are sharing their methods with one another. Frankly, I feel the lack of collaboration between teams is the biggest challenge for any large-scale organization to overcome. Very rarely is a problem too difficult to solve with technology, it is generally difficult to solve because of a lack of knowledge-sharing between teams and/or organizations.

As I hope all of my readers have come to expect, the proceeding will include the JSON files necessary to add Apache Kafka into BDE, the Chef recipes|templates|libraries and a link to the GitHub repository for Virtual Elephant where you can download all of the pieces to add within your own deployments of BDE to further expand your service catalog.

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