VCP5: Creating an iSCSI lab environment for vSphere

As I worked through the VCP5-DVC blueprint, the necessity to revisit iSCSI storage configuration and management became a key point of my study efforts. I had not used iSCSI storage before within a VMware vSphere environment, so learning how to tie it all into the infrastructure was totally new to me. In fact, the last time I had used iSCSI storage was with my previous employer 5+ years ago within a customized CentOS OpenVZ environment.

Fortunately, Google did not fail me and there were many resources readily available for teaching me how to implement iSCSI storage within a CentOS Linux virtual machine. From there it was a matter of creating a storage adapter within vCenter and exporting the iSCSI datastores to the environment.

This post will go through the steps to configure the iSCSI storage within a Linux VM, export it to vCenter and add it into the IaaS offering as a VMFS datastore. I found this extremely helpful in my preparation for the exam and in learning how to troubleshoot misconfiguration settings within the iSCSI VM — making mistakes are often the best way to learn!

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