Virtual SAN IOPS Limiting

IOPS Limit for Virtual SAN Objects Virtual SAN version 6.2 introduced the ability to limit the amount of IOPS a virtual machine object could consume on a per-second basis. Virtual SAN normalizes the IO size, either read or write IO, in 32 KB blocks when it performs calculations. The throttling is specified as part of the storage policy and will […]

VMware Storage I/O Control (SIOC) Overview

The idea for this post has been on the backlog for a really long time. I recently spent a significant amount of time reviewing VMware SIOC — or Storage I/O Control — and became intimately more familiar with its inner-workings. First off, I do not think very much of this information will be new to those who have used, or […]

VMware Integrated OpenStack – Collapse Compute & Edge Clusters

VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) introduced the ability to deploy to multiple vCenter Servers with version 2.5. The feature allowed the OpenStack management VMs to be deployed inside a control plane vCenter, while allowing the data plane to use a separate vCenter server. The architecture model still required three clusters: Management Cluster (Management vCenter Server) Compute Cluster(s) (Workload vCenter Server) Edge […]

vDM 30 Posts in 30 Days

In a recent discussion with a co-worker, we both acknowledged our blogs had suffered a bit since joining our respective teams at VMware. Through no ones fault but my own, I have not posted nearly as often in 2016 as I had hoped or planned to — especially after (what I considered) a successful 2015 year blogging. That being said, […]

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