Hopefully by now you’ve seen the videos walking a user through the full deployment of Kubernetes inside a VMware SDDC using Ansible on YouTube. If not, check out the new Virtual Elephant channel!

As part of that deployment, I have written an Ansible playbook that specifically deploys and configures Cilium as the CNI inside a Kubernetes cluster. The playbook cilium-install can be found inside the GitHub repo here.

The playbook is setup to leverage a Kubernetes cluster with 3 controllers and X number of minion nodes. The playbook will properly initialize the first controller with the external load balancer, and then proceed to configure the remaining controllers and all of the minion nodes specified.

The playbook follows the steps outlined in the Kubernetes with Cilium series posted on the Virtual Elephant site. Once the playbook has been successfully executed within the environment, the cluster will be fully operational and ready for Hubble, Istio service mesh or other applications to be deployed!