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VMware VCDX Certification Articles

The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification is the highest-level certification one can earn. Focused on the core infrastructure design principles, earning the certification validates the holder as an expert in enterprise architecture. As a VCDX certification holder and panelist, I strive to give back to the community that has given me so much.

In addition to regularly leading the VCDX workshops online and at local VMUG meetings, the following articles should provide further guidance to VCDX candidates or other architects on how to apply the VCDX methodologies within their own organizations.

VCDX QuickHit Series

VCDX Documentation Examples

Recommended Books

There are several good reference books that can assist any Enterprise Architect or VCDX candidate better their skill sets. I recommend reading the following books and leveraging them throughout your career.

In addition to the resources above, Simon Long (@SimonLong_) now has a podcast focused on the VCDX certification that I encourage all candidates to listen to.

Cloud Native Projects & Articles

When the Virtual Elephant blog was first launched in 2014, the initial focus of the site was on Hadoop and the VMware Big Data Extensions. Many of the early articles were focused on how to virtualize Hadoop and modify VMware Big Data Extensions to be able to deploy other Open Source cluster software — Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Mesosphere, Cassandra, etc. The Cloud Native landscape has changed drastically over the past six years, with Apache Mesos falling behind the seemingly winner of the space — Kubernetes. As such, my focus has changed as well with a focus now solely on the Kubernetes ecosystem and the projects going on in that space.

VMware SDDC Articles

As an Advanced Customer Engagement Staff Architect at VMware, I assist customers evaluate their VMware SDDC environments and provide architectural guidance and recommendations. The guidance and recommendations are grounded in my 20+ years of operational experience and the VCDX design methodology. This section of the site will focus on new features or core functionality within the VMware SDDC to assist organizations in building robust service offerings.

Home Lab Articles & Diagrams

Ansible Projects & Articles

Starting in late 2017, I began the journey to leverage Ansible as a means to deploy bare-metal VMware SDDC environments. As VMworld 2018 approached, the work I’d been doing on my own and as part of an Infrastructure-as-Code project internally for VMware, came to fruition with a series of blog posts and code published on GitHub.

The Virtual Elephant GitHub repository contains all of the Ansible roles and playbooks to leverage within a VMware SDDC environment.

Ansible Articles