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Data Center Networking

In this series, I will guide you through essential networking concepts, protocols, and technologies that are vital for thriving in modern data center environments. The Networking Fundamentals for the Data Center training course is designed to be a comprehensive, yet modular program to empower data center operations and virtualization experts with a solid foundation in networking.

Networking Fundamentals - Introduction

A comprehensive training course design to empower individuals with a foundational data center networking understanding.

Networking Fundamentals - The OSI Model

Dive into the OSI Model to understand the foundational seven-layer model that forms the core framework of all modern data center networking.

Networking Fundamentals - The TCP/IP Model

Dive into TCP/IP Fundamentals to learn the building blocks for the Internet and how data is transmitted across networks.

Networking Fundamentals - Packets

From Ethernet frames to IP addressing, packet fragmentation to packet capturing and analysis using tools.

Networking Fundamentals - Switching

Explore the backbone of Layer 2 switching, including Ethernet frame structures, MAC addresses & frames.

Networking Fundamentals - Routing

The fundamentals of routing, including routing tables, protocols, and algorithms.

Networking Fundamentals - BGP Deep Dive

Dive into the intricacies of BGP, covering everything from the basic concepts to advanced concepts.


Networking Fundamentals - vSphere Networking


Networking Fundamentals - Software Defined Networks


Software Defined Networking

VMware NSX (formerly NSX-T) is a software-defined networking (SDN) and security platform that provides networking and security services to applications and data wherever they are located, including on-premises, private clouds, and public clouds such as AWS and Azure. It allows organizations to build, run, and manage multi-cloud environments by providing a consistent network and security framework across different cloud platforms.

NSX Multi-Cloud Overview

Leveraging NSX to design and manage multi-cloud architectures