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Kubernetes Learning Series


Get started by learning how to install, manage, and operate Kubernetes in your public and private cloud environments leveraging a variety of tools including Rancher, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and Azure Kubernetes Service.


Prepare for theĀ VCDX Certification.

The VMware Certified Design Expert certification is the culmination of years of hard work and effort by infrastructure and cloud architects. Take your career to the next level by earning the VCDX certification leveraging these resources


Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the strategic blueprint that underpins an organization's IT infrastructure, processes, systems, and technology stack. It serves as a comprehensive framework that aligns an organization's business objectives with its technological capabilities, ensuring that technology investments and decisions support and drive the achievement of strategic goals.

Cloud Architecture Lifecycle

A combination of the TOGAF and VCDX frameworks, learn more about how an Architecture Lifecycle will help organizations adapt their operations to the business.

Create a Future State Architecture

Learn how to develop and run a Future State Architecture workshop for your customer and stakeholders to provide a vision for their future.

Business Continuity Strategy

Learn how to develop a BCDR strategy and the critical factors involved. Learn how to identify the KPIs critical to the BCDR strategy, as well as the factors can influence them.

Transform the IT Org

Discover the future of IT workforce structures and unpack the limitations of traditional IT models and explore the potential of dynamic, cloud-based structures.

Risk Analysis & Mitigation

Understanding risk analysis and mitigation is essential for a successful enterprise architecture practice, as it helps protect the business from cybersecurity threats and actors.

Requirements Gathering

Learn how to master the critical skill of performing a requirement gathering interview with stakeholders as part of the TOGAF and VCDX architecture frameworks.

I have over 25 years of experience in the Cloud & IT industry.

My career has been focused entirely on enterprise operations within large-scale data center and cloud environments. I hold multipleĀ  industry recognized certifications including the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX-257) and The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certified Enterprise Architect.


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