State of Affairs

The past 6 months have been crazy, with the COVID-19 pandemic, various local lock-downs, not traveling for work, and returning to school all causing major adjustments to our everyday lives. As a result, most of my ambitious plans and goals for 2020 have been sidelined, delayed or outright derailed as a result. Nevertheless, I have been able to find some […]

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam Review

I successfully took and passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam last week, just before the cutover happened for the new test and blueprint. I have been studying and using Kubernetes pretty heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic, so I was grateful to accomplish this goal for 2020. Fortunately, studying for the CKA exam was one of the few things that was […]

Automated Kubernetes Deployment with Ansible

Virtual Elephant now has a YouTube channel! With everyone locked away (to varying degrees) during this COVID-19 pandemic, I have been able to leverage some time each day to study for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam and playing with Kubernetes in the lab. As part of these efforts, I have graduated from building out my Kubernetes clusters manually to writing […]

Kubernetes with Cilium – Ansible Playbook

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the videos walking a user through the full deployment of Kubernetes inside a VMware SDDC using Ansible on YouTube. If not, check out the new Virtual Elephant channel! As part of that deployment, I have written an Ansible playbook that specifically deploys and configures Cilium as the CNI inside a Kubernetes cluster. The playbook cilium-install […]

Walkthrough – vSAN Performance Monitor

Monitoring vSAN is an important aspect of any operational team leveraging HCI within their environments. As such, there are multiple tools out there to provide detailed metrics, graphs, and reports that a team can choose from. Which one is right for you is a questions you’ll need to answer, based on your technical and business requirements. I want to highlight […]