Official OpenStack Enterprise Reference Architecture using VMware Integrated OpenStack

Two of my team members (@jfvanrooyen and @tgelter) have been heads-down and hard at work for the past 6+ months working on architecting and building our OpenStack private cloud environment for the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud. The efforts of their hard work have been rewarded by becoming the official OpenStack reference architecture for VMware Integrated OpenStack!

Congratulations to them both! Reach out to any of us if you have questions around our efforts to implement OpenStack in a robust, large-scale enterprise environment.

VMware Big Data Extensions Python REST API Scripts

As part of the work I am doing to get VMware Big Data Extensions to integrate with OpenStack Heat, I had to write several Python scripts to test the REST API that BDE offers. I currently have scripts to create clusters and also start|stop|delete clusters within a vSphere environment.

They are functional and were a good introduction to Python — I’ve been a PERL coder since the mid-1990s — though I am sure there are improvements that could still be made. I have put the scripts up in the Virtual Elephant GitHub repository.

I will make disclaimer that the script will not work out of the box for non-Hadoop cluster types, unless you modify several of the jar files BDE uses. I have been able to work with another engineer who assisted me in adding some of functionality that was missing in order to create Mesos clusters.

There will be an upcoming post that will explain how to expand the current REST API to allow for all cluster types that are setup within BDE can be deployed through the API. Adding this functionality has been an important step my integration efforts.

The testing scripts can be downloaded here.

The code can be reviewed after the break.

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OpenStack Summit CFP Voting

We have been working on some pretty exciting things within our group in Adobe the past few months around OpenStack and Platform 3 architecture. As a result of the work we have completed, two of my co-workers (@jfvanrooyen and @tgelter) have a paper submitted to the OpenStack Summit and voting is now open.

Please take a moment and read the description to learn about the session and vote for it!

OpenStack + VMware: Enabling the evolution of enterprise applications at Adobe