The past year was simply amazing! I set out with a number of goals in mind for the course of the year and was able to see all of them and more come true! I never thought I would have the opportunities both personally and professionally that I was blessed with in 2014.

  1. Welcomed our 6th child into the world – Drew in March.
  2. Spoke at Hadoop Summit in San Jose in June on Hadoop-as-a-Service
  3. Started the Virtual Elephant blog.
  4. Spoke at VMworld 2014 – US in August on Hadoop-as-a-Service.
  5. Spoke at VMworld 2014 – EMEA in October as well.
  6. Accepted to speak at the Adobe Tech Summit in 2015 on HDFS as a data warehouse layer.
  7. Extended VMware Big Data Extensions to include HDFS-only clusters, Zookeeper and Mesosphere clusters through native deployments.
  8. Became a VCP5-DCV certified professional in December.

The upcoming year should be even more exciting and I have a great number of things in the works that have me extremely excited.

A quick look at goals for 2015:

  1. Become VCAP5-DCA certified (Q1).
  2. Become vExpert for 2014 (Q1).
  3. Expand the Adobe Hadoop-as-a-Service offerings on our private cloud (Q1).
  4. Incorporate Mesos + HDFS data warehouse offerings within the Adobe private cloud (Q2).
  5. Speak at conferences (Hadoop Summit, MesosCon, VMworld) on next-generation private cloud, HDFS, Hadoop and Mesos (Q2|Q3).
  6. Become VCAP5-DCD certified (Q3).
  7. Begin VCDX preparation for 2016.

Happy New Years!