In a recent discussion with a co-worker, we both acknowledged our blogs had suffered a bit since joining our respective teams at VMware. Through no ones fault but my own, I have not posted nearly as often in 2016 as I had hoped or planned to — especially after (what I considered) a successful 2015 year blogging. That being said, it is the time of the year where a bunch of people accept the challenge to post 30 days straight in November. I thought about attempting it last year, but did not think I was up to the challenge.

This year though, I am going to embark on the journey to post 30 days straight, starting with this post. Over the course of the month, I hope to discuss several topics/projects/thoughts that have been in the forefront of my brain over the past calendar year.

Topics include:

  • VMware Integrated OpenStack architecture & alternate deployment methods
  • Using VXLAN-backed NSX Edge services for external OpenStack networks
  • Storage I/O Control and Virtual SAN I/O Limiting
  • VMware Cloud Foundation caveats
  • VMware Cloud Foundation + VMware Integrated OpenStack running together
  • vSphere 6.5 improved scale features
  • VMware Integrated Containers
  • Docker volumes in a vSphere environment
  • Running an Isilon cluster in the home lab
  • VCDX preparation bits
  • NSX Edge clusters in Leaf-Spine networks

I am looking forward to the challenge this is going to pose and hope it will help me get back on track with regular blog posts.