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For my first Sunday vDM 30 in 30 posts, I have decided to talk about a favorite science fiction series, The Lost Fleet by author Jack Campbell. I am a voracious reader, reading for pleasure nearly every night for an hour as a way to relax my mind before retiring to bed. My iBooks library includes well over 100 titles, and is ever increasing. I’ve been fortunate to see my love of reading passed onto my children — my oldest daughter collects books and reads them even more seriously than I do. Reading is the foundation of a good education and a great way to expand our minds — even when reading casual books/novels.

A futuristic space drama, The Lost Fleet series takes place entirely through the eyes of the character John ‘Black Jack’ Geary. Each novel is written as a fast-paced, action-filled drama and felt like a wonderful TV mini-series. The supporting cast around the main character added depth to the series and the world felt very familiar. Having read the series a few times over, from start to finish, it feels a bit like the TV show Firefly. A series you wish hadn’t ended when it did and keeps you coming back from time to time to visit with a group of old friends.

The thing I enjoyed most in the series was the way the author wrote the space combat sequences. Having played lots of space-combat video games, watched plenty of sci-fi space shows and movies, the authors unique approach to space combat was simply spectacular. The incorporation of time delay based on the speed of light and the use of actual physics in the writing was a welcome approach and added an additional level of suspense.

If you have not read The Lost Fleet series, I encourage you to pick it up and give it a try — you will not be disappointed! Pass it on!