Enabling VMware Big Data Extensions REST API

The more I have interfaced with the VMware Big Data Extensions application, the more important accessibility to the REST API became. Documentation for the REST API is normally not exposed, but you can enable it with a single command on the management server. # /opt/serengeti/sbin/cfgrestschema on You can then access the documentation for the REST API at the following URL: […]

VMware Big Data Extensions Python REST API Scripts

As part of the work I am doing to get VMware Big Data Extensions to integrate with OpenStack Heat, I had to write several Python scripts to test the REST API that BDE offers. I currently have scripts to create clusters and also start|stop|delete clusters within a vSphere environment. They are functional and were a good introduction to Python — […]

Multi-Tenant Platform 3 Logical Design

Day 1 of the Adobe 2015 Tech Summit wrapped up a few hours ago and it was an outstanding day. Beyond the great speakers, they have provided a room filled with whiteboards on every surface — walls and tables — to allow groups of individuals to get together and brainstorm new ideas. I had the opportunity today to get together […]